Sending email to traditional addresses


It would be awesame if we can send email to traditional addresses like user@email.com.


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opera wall06

Honestly, i was about saying this.

I think the team should work on this area for a more general adoption.

E.g like you can do with ethermail.io and dmail.ai. Both are decentralized email protocols but can be used to send and receive emails from traditional email addresses.

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World One

You should look at DeltaChat and see if there is some way integrate traditional email sent through a similar process as the encrypted DeltaChat email messaging service so traditional email could somehow show up in the mailchain UI along side blockchain email communications by adding smtp credentials and by creating an encrypted folder on their current server. This would be something the user would enable and add to the MailChain UI and then create the encrypted folder on their server. I realize this is not the ultimate solution but it would allow for all your messages in one place. Later you may be able to use a matching service with keys to connect/forward encrypted smtp mail by converting it to mailchain blockchain format for incoming and outgoing mail through that domains SMTP by on ramping and off ramping the messages from the blockchain by converting the original message to a blockchain transaction for incoming and back to an smtp message for outgoing. If that makes sense.


Baden Hughes

Hashmail allows optional forwarding from within web3 to other platforms eg Discord, Email, Telegram. Is that a possible solution that could be applied here too ?


Tim B

We are continuing to investigate viable options which also preserve user privacy.


Random User

Interesting project!

Receiving/Sending to traditional email addresses is a must IMO to make the service usable real-world and to grow the adoption.

Additional feature (or maybe a bridge in between) is allowing to pull/send emails from the different (old-style) email services via POP/IMAP/SMTP in Mailchain.

This way people can use Mailchain:
1) Pull: as an encrypted blockchain place for all the legacy emails
2) Push: to send emails using their existing email addresses

For me allowing to pull everything from the existing emails is a minimum barrier to entry, - I won't be able to use of Mailchain without it.

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Artur Wilkomir

This project is so fresh that there are only 4 people (maybe) who think that connecting with traditional addresses is important.
^_^ I feel special. xD


Tim B

Status changed to: Under review



I second that. We need to be able to send emails to traditional addresses as well as Web3 addresses. Would be awesome to have that functionality.

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