Sending email to traditional addresses


It would be awesame if we can send email to traditional addresses like user@email.com.


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Baden Hughes

Hashmail allows optional forwarding from within web3 to other platforms eg Discord, Email, Telegram. Is that a possible solution that could be applied here too ?


Random User

Interesting project!

Receiving/Sending to traditional email addresses is a must IMO to make the service usable real-world and to grow the adoption.

Additional feature (or maybe a bridge in between) is allowing to pull/send emails from the different (old-style) email services via POP/IMAP/SMTP in Mailchain.

This way people can use Mailchain:
1) Pull: as an encrypted blockchain place for all the legacy emails
2) Push: to send emails using their existing email addresses

For me allowing to pull everything from the existing emails is a minimum barrier to entry, - I won't be able to use of Mailchain without it.


Artur Wilkomir

This project is so fresh that there are only 4 people (maybe) who think that connecting with traditional addresses is important.
^_^ I feel special. xD


Tim B

Status changed to: Under review



I second that. We need to be able to send emails to traditional addresses as well as Web3 addresses. Would be awesome to have that functionality.

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